Work for Sale

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A number of my pencil studies, drawings and sketches are now available for sale in my new Etsy shop. All items are professionally framed, and some are also available unframed if you prefer to choose your own moulding. Each work is one of a kind, and offered with free shipping within the UK. I will also soon be adding a number of collages.

Visit the store here, to browse all available pieces.

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Wintering in history

2. Auchinleck

Longstanding readers may recall my account of Auchinleck House, above, which I penned back in 2013 after staying in this fascinating Ayrshire house for a few days in the depths of winter. In 2014 I became a member of the housekeeping team at Auchinleck, helping to care for James Boswell’s former home until March this year when I took up a new role with The Landmark Trust as their Properties Assistant in the south of England.

After being lucky enough to experience many of the charity’s wonderful buildings in the past few years, winter is still my favourite time to inhabit history, and I recently shared this enthusiasm in a blog for the Trust. Read my recommendations for low-season escapism, from country house to cottage, on the Landmark Trust website.

5. Berriedale

‘Ephemeral Places’ Talk at Dumfries House

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In the past ten years Dumfries House has become one of Scotland’s premier tourist destinations and pinnacles of preservation. Warding off the threat of dispersal, its contents are now saved to be admired by the many visitors who discover its restored rooms, heralding a new era and identity for this treasured building and collection.

But what of those grand houses less fortunate; the contemporaries and successors of Dumfries House whose gradual decline through the twentieth century ended in ruination rather than regeneration?

After eight years documenting Scotland’s abandoned mansions, artist Duncan Tattersall offers a visual exploration of these abandoned places, drawing on his own original imagery and photographic archive to discuss their unique appeal and significance in Scotland’s built heritage.

Join me for this illustrated talk on Thursday 31st August 2017.


Upcoming Talk at Mellerstain

In conjunction with my current exhibition, In Stately Silence, I will be delivering an illustrated talk in the gallery at Mellerstain House on Saturday 10th September at 2pm.

This presentation will chart the development of my 8-year project recording derelict mansions across Scotland, featuring a number of the ruins I have explored and offering an insight into the artworks they have inspired, with a chance to view the show afterwards.

Admission free – reserve your place to avoid disappointment as spaces are filling up fast. Email: Tel: 01573 410 225

Talk Invitation

The Dream

Last night I dreamt of a ruin.

Not only does my fascination with ruins pervade the waking hours of my life, so too it occasionally seeps into those intoxicating night time wanderings of my subconscious. During my latest slumberous hours I slipped into that realm of intrigue, and found ruination pervading my nightly thoughts.

The peeling white harling of a familiar decrepit highland hunting lodge beckoning from the distance, part hidden by a small cluster of evergreens as I stepped across stones in a dancing stream. My mind had conjured the most glorious summer’s day, with gentle sunlight beaming down and warming my skin, dancing across the surface of the bubbling water in shimmering figurations as I took my own steps across its course. I felt a great sense of contentment, and resolution to reach the building I remembered fondly. Yet before I could cover any further distance towards the ruin beyond, the fleeting moment vanished. Continue reading