‘Ephemeral Places’ Talk at Dumfries House

Ephemeral Places  - The Country House in Ruin.JPG

In the past ten years Dumfries House has become one of Scotland’s premier tourist destinations and pinnacles of preservation. Warding off the threat of dispersal, its contents are now saved to be admired by the many visitors who discover its restored rooms, heralding a new era and identity for this treasured building and collection.

But what of those grand houses less fortunate; the contemporaries and successors of Dumfries House whose gradual decline through the twentieth century ended in ruination rather than regeneration?

After eight years documenting Scotland’s abandoned mansions, artist Duncan Tattersall offers a visual exploration of these abandoned places, drawing on his own original imagery and photographic archive to discuss their unique appeal and significance in Scotland’s built heritage.

Join me for this illustrated talk on Thursday 31st August 2017.


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