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Born in Renfrewshire in 1991 and raised in South Lanarkshire, I’ve been involved in art from an early age. From whole days spent at the drawing table in nursery, I sketched my way through primary school and enrolled on weekend courses in drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art at age nine. I attended these for four years, after which I progressed to fashion and textile classes for a further two years. Art and Design remained my foremost passion throughout secondary school, during which time I had coursework selected for display at the National Gallery of Scotland and Holyrood Parliament Building.

My work with derelict mansions began in my final year of school and formed the basis for both my Advanced Higher qualification and the portfolio which gained me a place at Central Saint Martins Art College. I studied here for a year, specializing in menswear fashion and gained a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. My final project on this course again used abandoned houses as its inspiration and the resulting outcome was later exhibited at London’s V&A Museum. My obsession with ruins is very much on-going and I continue to create art based on the buildings I visit. This passion has led to a more general interest in architecture, particularly that of the 19th Century. I am by no means an expert but enjoy furthering my knowledge of this subject through reading and observation.

I welcome any questions or suggestions regarding my work and this blog. Whatever your query, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form on the site. I look forward to hearing from you!

Duncan Tattersall


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