The most prevalent sensation when amidst any true ruin

is one of overwhelming silence where once was the hum of life.”

In Stately Silence was held at Berwickshire’s Mellerstain House in 2016, and was the most comprehensive exhibition of my work to date:

Since 2008, artist Duncan Tattersall has been seeking out Scotland’s lesser known derelict mansions, exploring their remains, and creatively recording an enthralling chapter of their history. Abandoned during the 20th Century, these formerly cherished homes lie transient, still stately in their silent demise.

Mellerstain House now presents the resulting collection of work as a unique portrait of Scotland’s architectural and social history. Painting, sculpture and photography by the artist combine with historic materials in a multi-faceted display tailored to inhabit the ground floor corridors of this Robert Adam masterpiece, revealing the stories of 46 houses from the Borders to the Highlands.

Join in this exploration of grand domestic Scottish building design from the past 250 years, experience forgotten places, and discover the other side of the country house story.