Crawford Priory

Crawford PrioryJust added to the gallery, Crawford Priory is an example of one of my collage-based works and was one of the final pieces to be included in my school project entitled ‘A Year in Ruins’. It actually started life as a completely different piece, but came together quite casually in its eventual form. The house is cut from birch bark, emulating the golden colour of the Priory’s sandstone exterior and demonstrating nature’s reclamation of the structure as it returns to the earth. The rest of the piece is a medley of fabric scraps and other sewing sundries left over from the costume design unit I had been undertaking at the same time. Ink, tea and paint complete the ‘runny’ effect and sepia colour palette.

One thought on “Crawford Priory

  1. Clever trick with the birch bark. Perhaps, a few more pronounced vertical lines on the sides of your composition created with your “other media” could drive in your idea a bit better ) But pls don’t get offended – it’s all your decisions ) Nice!

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